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Precision Computerized Roto-Molding

Custom Plastic Roto-Molding in Saskatoon

At Alcon Plastics Corp we manufacture and process small to large (MDPE) plastic parts using a 4,000,000 BTU, 12 foot forced air Roto-molding oven and cooling system. All parts produced by this process are hollow and can be made to thicknesses ranging from 1/8" to 1/2" and almost any colour. The process begins with a tool (mould) made from sheet steel or aluminum and are usually handmade or cast. The moulds are then filled with a predetermined amount of powdered plastic resin which melts and adheres to the inside wall of the mould as it is rotated. This process is computer controlled until all of the resin is melted at which point it begins to cool until the resin solidifies and the part is removed. This process allows for very unique and innovative products to be designed. Alcon Plastics Corp will create and customize each mould to meet your product specifications.

Our custom plastic manufacturing products include:

We are a family owned business that goes above and beyond for our customers. When it comes to custom designing mould, we have a combined experience of more than 60 years. We will help you with design and provide cost effective solutions for your existing or new products. Contact us today for the manufacturing of custom plastics!

Alcon Plastics Corp.

200 60th Street East
Saskatoon, SK S7K 8C8

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